Why Property Development Training

Australia ranks highly for Chinese property developers and its growing market of internationally-minded property investors. However, it is not easy for new developers and investors from overseas to gain competitive edge in a new market due to the following reasons (just to name a few):

  • Property development process is a very daunting, specialized, and time-consuming process especially for developers and investors who are new to the local market and business environment.
  • A variety of resources, skills and expertise are required. For example: project management, town planning, architecture, engineering, building and construction, real estate, finance, legal, and accounting etc. It is always challenging to set up the right structure, select the right people and assemble a good team from the beginning.
  • It is a segregated industry and often difficult to choose the right partners and service providers if you are new to the industry.
  • Risk management and past experience are two of the key critical success factors. New developers are under pressure to get it right fast and cannot afford to go through trial and error. One fatal mistake can lead to permanent defeat and long-term financial disaster.

Courses We offer

To ensure the new developers have a chance to survive and thrive in this competitive and complex market environment, Abundance Property Group provides comprehensive training programs in both English and Chinese(Mandarin) to cover all the major aspects of property development.

The courses we currently have on offer are as below. Please click on the “Training and Development” button below or visit our Training Courses tab above for more details and dates.


Property Development Courses in English

Property Development Courses in Chinese


Benefits of attending the training


  • Our training courses are designed for aspiring and new property developers. All the courses are practical and combine knowledge with experience to give the attendees a very good understanding of all the aspects relevant to property development so that they can initiate their own projects as soon as they complete the course.
  • Our professional development programs are written and delivered by selected leaders and subject matter experts in the industry. Through applied knowledge, relevant and timely information and provision of practical examples, attendees are able to learn from real case studies and examples and develop the capability to immediately apply what they have learned in the classroom to their own personal projects.
  • Attendees are also given a unique opportunity to network with fellow attendees and guest presenters through our small group structure, group lunches, site visits and study tours.We have a database of service providers in the property development industry. As an attendee of our courses, you are able to access the network as well.
  • After taking the courses, you become a valued member of our property development and investment community. You will be invited to attend our monthly webinar sessions and learn about our most recent projects, deals, case studies, news and updates. Attendees are also able to tap into the experience of our practitioners and keep in touch with fellow classmates long after they leave the classroom through our online groups and regular social events.

Corporate Training

We provide corporate training solutions for groups of ten or more in Sydney. Corporate training is a practical and cost effective way to develop or maintain the skills and knowledge of your staff. A tailored program can be delivered at your company premises or in Abundance Property Group training rooms.

Our Training Partners


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