Training Courses

It is very important to master the basics of property development when you are starting out. We have developed these courses based on a lot of accumulative industry experience, practical application and our own learning processes. They are both practical and informative.  Our unique approach shares with you not only the knowledge you need to grasp on the property development industry but also the practical experience, analytical thinking and skills required to excel in this experience-based business.

Once you have mastered the basics in a systematic way, you will be able to move on to take more advanced courses and training sessions to enhance your understanding and skills.

In your training courses you will have the opportunity to get to know like-minded developers and investors and be able to learn from each other and build friendship and constructive business relationships as a result of attending the training courses.  All our training attendees will become valued members of Abundance Property Development and Investment Club and receive regular updates on property development related news, analyses and insights.

We deliver these courses in both English and Chinese. For information on the Chinese courses and dates please click here: 中文课程详情和日期