28 November 2018 | Daily Top Story: More Homes for Sydney Residents

The NSW Government is continuing to support housing affordability in Sydney with a record net 44,315 new homes built in the 12 months to September 2018 – a new record for housing completions.

Deputy Secretary Policy and Strategy, Alison Frame, said the Department of Planning and Environment’s latest Metropolitan Housing Monitor, released today, reflected the Government’s efforts to streamline the planning system and unlock more affordable homes for Sydney residents.

“This record number of home completions is showing the Department’s efforts to streamline the planning system are well and truly making a difference,” Ms Frame said.

“The data shows that housing supply continues to meet demand – we’re making sure enough new homes are being built, matched by the critical infrastructure needed to accommodate growing communities.”

Ms Frame said the record number of homes represented a 22 per cent increase on a year ago, demonstrating the success of the NSW Government’s housing strategy.

“The Government has accelerated local planning and the delivery of infrastructure, cut red tape, and offered concessions, which have more than doubled the number of first home buyers in Sydney since early 2017,” she said.

“This is all backed by a solid pipeline of approvals, with many homes currently under construction.”

More information on the Department’s Metropolitan Housing Monitor is available here








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