22 January 2019 | Daily Top Story: Property Council Retirement Living Census 2018: Vertical living, more services

Baby boomers are driving the trend towards retirement living in high-rise apartments, with almost a third of all planned new retirement communities including multi-storey vertical village components.

That’s according to new data from the Property Council of Australia, with baby boomer retirees showing more of a preference for apartment living.

The annual PwC/Property Council Retirement Census for 2018 shows nearly 30 per cent of new villages  under development are either vertical or a combination of vertical and horizontal, compared to 15 per cent of existing developments.

It also found 97 per cent of new developments have at least five facilities or services available for residents, including health services, emergency call systems, social programs, cafes and community centres.

This year a record number of participants took part in the census, with contributions from 52 operators across 610 villages and more than 68,000 units.

Property Council of Australia executive director of retirement living, Ben Myers, said the survey shows how the industry is responding to changing resident needs.

“What is interesting is the trend towards a fuller service offering that goes well beyond housing,” he said.

“Modern retirees are seeking a more holistic solution, including easy access to health services on site and a range of recreational options.”


PwC Real Estate advisory partner Tony Massaro said the results reflect an industry that is becoming more sophisticated.

“The broader range of facilities offered, an increase in vertical villages and greater variety and flexibility of fee structures reflects a determined focus on meeting the demands of the next generation of retirees,” Mr Massaro said.

More than 2000 units a year are set to come into the market over the next four years. But Mr Myers said despite this “strong pipeline” of units, the industry is still struggling to find suitable land to supply purpose-built housing for the rapidly increasing number of older Australians.

Alex McMahon, director of sales and marketing with Queensland property developer Pradella, which operates the Seachange Lifestyle Resorts, agreed.

“Parcels of land that are deemed as a premium location are becoming increasingly scarce,” Mr McMahon said.  “And over the past five years, retirees entering the market are a lot more knowledgeable about the options available to them.”

Mr Myers said it is also taking longer, on average, to re-sell units, with Mr Massaro adding that while the market was “facing headwinds” – mirroring the residential housing market – average occupancy of villages across Australia is still strong at 89 per cent.

“Furthermore, the affordability statistic which shows the median price of a two-bedroom unit as compared to the median house price for the same postcode is good news for seniors who are downsizing from homes that they own,” Mr Massaro said.

retirement living census findings

ON TRACK: Work is under way on Lendlease's Bernborough Ascot vertical retirement community at Brisbane's Doomben Racecourse. Image: Artist's impression

 ON TRACK: Work is under way on Lendlease’s Bernborough Ascot vertical retirement community at Brisbane’s Doomben Racecourse. Image: Artist’s impression

  • The average two-bedroom independent living unit is 64 per cent of the median house price across Australia (44 per cent in Sydney, 55 per cent in Melbourne).
  • 97 per cent of new developments have at least five services or facilities available for residents.
  • The average age of a retirement living resident has increased to 81, while the average age of entry remains at 75.
  • Only 2 per cent of current residents are now aged under 70.
  • Residents live in a village for an average of eight to nine years.
  • 62 per cent of village residents are female.
  • 61 per cent of independent living units are occupied by a single resident.
  • 27 per cent of villages have co-located aged care (or within 500 metres).

Source: https://www.theherald.com.au/story/5853015/baby-boomers-living-it-up/

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