01 JULY 2019 | Daily Top Story:Sydney news: Mascot Towers residents in shock after report finds the building is sinking

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Mascot Towers building ‘sinking’

Displaced residents of Sydney’s troubled Mascot Towers are concerned by the latest engineers’ report, which identifies “a new issue” with the cracking building that suggests it may be sinking.

The report, provided to the owners’ corporation yesterday afternoon, said it appeared the building was “moving in a downward motion” and urged owners and tenants to remove all their possessions.

Fabiano Dos Santos, who only bought into the building three months ago, said he feared the worst.

“It’s very, very concerning, and they [are] asking the owners and tenants to start to remove everything from the units there, so we didn’t expect that at all. The first interpretation is that the building is sinking.”

Source: https://www.abc.net.au/news/2019-06-25/mascot-towers-report-building-may-be-sinking-morning-briefing/11241500


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