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Are you looking to buy or sell a property development site?

As part of the Abundance Property Group platform, we offer a way for buyers and sellers to come together and make deals on property development sites, commercial and industrial properties, high-end residential real estate, and boutique off-the-plan apartments.

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Our membership community is a thriving network of property developers, investors, industry professionals and property related businesses in Australia and Asia who are always looking to buy and sell assets and work together.


Why list on the APG Property Platform?

We specialise in commercial and industrial sales, property development and investment, which means you’re supported by experienced professionals who can connect you with buyers quickly.

Our community attracts active property developers and investors who are always looking for new sites for their next projects.  With the APG Platform, there’s a high probability of finding the right buyer. Once you make the connection, you can deal with the buyer privately and on your own terms.



There are several advantages to becoming a member and listing your development sites and properties on the APG Property Platform:

  • It’s more affordable than expensive mainstream portals
  • You’re guaranteed to grow your audience of highly engaged buyers
  • You can sell in privacy without the general public seeing your prices
  • There’s no time limit over the selling period 
  • You maintain full control
  • There’s a full customer service team available to assist you
  • A small, flat marketing fee means there are no surprises 


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