01 JULY 2019 | Daily Top Story:Sydney news: Mascot Towers residents in shock after report finds the building is sinking

PHOTO: A report said it appeared Mascot Towers was “moving in a downward motion”. (AAP: Bianca De Marchi) Here’s what you need to know this morning. Mascot Towers building ‘sinking’ Displaced residents of Sydney’s troubled Mascot Towers are concerned by the latest engineers’ report, which identifies “a new issue” with the cracking building that suggests it may […]

24 January 2019 | Daily Top Story:Australian Properties Resold for $14.06 Billion in Profits, But 11.1% of Homes Were Resold at a Loss

Australian properties resold for $14.06billion in profits, but 11.1% of homes were resold at a loss. Key findings from the CoreLogic Pain & Gain Report for the September 2018 Quarter includes: Property resales in Australia earned $14.060 billion in profits nationally. National losses from property resales amounted to $488.1 million. Houses have consistently experienced a higher proportion […]