Corporate Training and Coaching

Receive custom-tailored group classes in property development and investing

Are you a new property development company looking to get started in Sydney?

At Abundance Property Group, our experienced team of industry experts provide corporate training and coaching programs that can be specifically tailored to your organisation’s needs.

We offer corporate training solutions for groups of ten or more in the Sydney area. Corporate training is a practical and cost-effective way to develop or maintain the skills and knowledge your team needs to succeed.

Our tailored programs can be delivered either at your company premises or in our training rooms. 


Why does your team need Property Development Training?

Australia offers one of the best opportunities in the world for property developers and investors. However, it’s not easy for new developers to obtain the essential knowledge and skills they need to gain a competitive edge in the market.

Property development is a daunting, specialised, and time-consuming process, especially for those who are new to the Sydney business environment.

Beyond that, a variety of specialised resources and skills are needed for development, like project management, town planning, architecture, and engineering. It’s always challenging to set up the right structure, select the right people, and assemble the right team.

Risk management and past experience are two key factors for success in this industry. New developers are under pressure to get it right fast — and cannot afford to go through trial and error. One mistake can lead to long-term financial disaster.

Our courses will arm your team with the experience and knowledge they need to overcome all of these barriers and be successful in the Sydney property market. 


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