Entrepreneurship And Leadership in Property Development and Investment

Start, build, and grow a sustainable property development and investment related business

Anyone can see the opportunities for profit in the Australian property market, but it takes a special kind of person to see those opportunities and commit to undertaking a project and everything that involves.

In this course, Abundance Property Group is offering training in four of the most important competency and skill areas needed for building and running a successful property development and investment business:

  • Personal development
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Leadership
  • Project management

This is a multimodal course combining online training videos, webinars, and face-to-face workshops. Guest speakers and industry veterans will share their inspiring life and business success stories, and we’ll look at real-world examples to provide a foundation for your own journey.

This course is open to individuals interested in learning more about how to successfully start, run and expand a property development and investment business e.g. Entrepreneurs, business owners, and senior managers etc. Business owners of property related services e.g. town planners, architects, lawyers, accountants, engineers, and others are all encouraged to enrol.

Entrepreneurship and Leadership in Property Development & Investment Training Course

Price $8,800 (Including 6 months’ premium membership)


Benefits of Entrepreneurship and Leadership Training from Abundance Property Group

This special opportunity for aspiring business owners offers a variety of benefits:

  • This consolidated course features a complete foundation in entrepreneurship and leadership in property development and investment. Learn everything you need to know to start and manage your own business in just one program.
  • Instructors work with attendees on all levels, and attempt to break down the personal and professional barriers keeping them from success.
  • We take a holistic approach to ensure every attendee can create a vision for their business, and then take action on that vision with the help of practical training.
  • Attendees gain access to a community of like-minded and supportive business owners and professionals who are available to help you along on your entrepreneurial and business

Discounted price on CoreLogic software package  (RP data, Block Brief, Cordell) 

As a part of the training course package, you will be able to subscribe to Corelogic software at a significantly discounted price. These tools will empower you as a property developer and investor to research and analyse sites, town planning information, and construction data and information. Regular training sessions on our platform are provided to ensure your speedy mastery of these tools.

Free 6 months’ subscription to Our premium membership


Mastering the property industry requires one to be constantly informed of any major trends or industry changes in the marketplace, however this can be extremely costly and time-consuming. It requires you to subscribe to countless types of magazines, newspapers, and books etc. and participate in events organized by different industry associations and institutions.

Every month, our team analyses many industry publications and reports to produce our own premium, distilled content.

Our content covers 15 important aspects of property development including;

  • Town planning,
  • Architecture & design,
  • Commercial markets
  • Residential markets 
  • Construction and development finance



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