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Abundance Property Group Services 


Property Development Training

We offer regular property development and investment training courses in Sydney NSW.

Courses range from technical and skill based to capability and competency-based and are taught by property development and investment veterans and real industry professionals. Learn the skills and practical knowledge you need to choose the right investment, start a property development project, approve the construction phases, and understand town planning.


Property Development Consultancy

We offer complete consultancy services to help you coordinate and manage your project from inception to completion. 

We adopt a results-driven approach to ensure the successful completion of your property development and investment projects, helping you confidently move forward.



Deal-Making Platform

Our proprietary platform brings together developers, investors, buyers, and suppliers from Australia and overseas in order to facilitate deal making.

Use our platform to find partners and investors, discover a profitable new opportunity and source all the services you need for your project all in one place!

Property Development and Investment Membership

Members of our APG community receive concise, high-quality information and analysis of property markets covering Sydney & NSW.

In addition, our monthly member content features important updates on 15 key areas of property developments and investments to keep you in the loop.




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