Practical Property Development & Investment Training

Gain the knowledge, skills and experience you need to succeed in the NSW market. 


Development and investment opportunities are everywhere in NSW…

but capitalising on them requires a special set of skills.

Project management, town planning, architecture, engineering, construction…you need to be well-versed in the day-to-day experience of veteran developers in order to confidently start your own project or invest in someone else’s. You need to have a network of people you can trust and an understanding of the local market.

You need a community of experts to help you excel within the ever-changing property development and investment market and build a successful, profitable and expanding business. 


Real-world projects require real-world training

Abundance Property Group offers courses designed to empower aspiring property developers, investors and property related business owners and give them the knowledge, skills, experience and connections they need to take the next step.

Our courses are taught by industry veterans and subject matter experts, with each course updated regularly to include the latest practical tips for getting started and continuously doing well with Australian property development and investment.

After your training with Abundance Property Group, you’ll be ready to step into the NSW market and start or continue your property development and investment journey in a successful and expansive way. 



Expert Instructors

Our courses are developed and delivered by carefully selected industry leaders and subject matter experts with years of relevant experience.

Ongoing Learning

Attendees become members of our Abundance Property Group community and gain access to monthly articles, webinars, interviews , videos and audios, events and latest news.  

Networking Opportunities

Attendees have a unique opportunity to network with fellow learners, instructors, industry professionals, and other successful property developers and investors through our regular events and training courses.


Training Courses

The 12-Step Fundamental Property Development Training Course

Learn every stage of the property development process from industry experts in one comprehensive course. You will be provided with the necessary skills and knowledge to excel in the property development industry through practical applications and real-life scenarios.

Analyse and understand the current Australian property market, allowing you to formulate your own unique property development strategy. It is essential to set up the right business structure from the beginning and have the financial capacity. This course will explore every aspect of your property development project or business effectively including the feasibility study, due diligence, marketing and sales, obtaining a DA (Development Approval)  and CC (Construction Certificate) approvals, and construction to maximise your return

Entrepreneurship and Leadership in Property Development and Investment

Anyone can see the opportunities for profit in the Australian property market, but it takes a special kind of person to see those opportunities and commit to undertaking a project and everything that involves.

In this course, Abundance Property Group is offering training in four of the most important qualities and skill areas needed for building and running a successful property development and investment business, from personal development and entrepreneurship to leadership and project management.

Town Planning for Property Developers and Investors

Understanding where to look for opportunities and what can be built on a site requires a good understanding of town planning policies and framework in NSW.

This course offers practical expertise for strategic development and district planning across NSW, so you’ll know exactly how to select the best locations.

By understanding the NSW planning policies, regulations and framework, you will be able to informatively select the best development site, as well as avoid delays in obtaining a development approval. Time and cost savings through planning and research in the site selection phase taught in this course will assist you in committing to the right project from the start and ensure you maximise profits from your site.

Construction Course for Property Developers and Investors

Construction can be the most expensive and time-consuming stage of the property development process. This course provides valuable and insightful information and case studies developers and investors need to know to stay in control of the process and make more informed decisions. It covers all essential aspects of construction from the feasibility study and due diligence through to construction contracts.

Understanding project risks, best practices for engaging with consultants are all covered in detail.

You will get exposure to project management software covering cost planning and project planning, building contractor selection, and post-contract management putting you in control of your project and on top of project finances and timelines.


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Group Training Sessions

Abundance Property Group offers corporate training for teams of ten or more in the Sydney area. Group training sessions are a practical and cost-effective way to develop or maintain the skills and knowledge of your team.

The subject matter and length of group training sessions can be customised to suit your needs. Let us come to you or take a field trip to the Abundance Property Group training facility!


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