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18 January 2019 | Daily Top Story: The truth about dark roofs and cool roofs

It seems like a no-brainer: cooling of buildings and neighbourhoods can be helped by having light coloured roofs. But the question has caused no end of controversy. Let’s settle it once and for all. What does the science say? The technical name for a roof that reflects heat is that it has a high albedo. […]

17 January 2019 | Daily Top Story: Year in review: 2018 Australian property market

Over the last year or two a number of factors played out to create a perfect storm causing house prices (particularly in Sydney and Melbourne) to drop and house price growth in other states to slow. These include: • Poor affordability after house prices in our two biggest capital cities had grown at unsustainable rates […]

16 January 2019 | Daily Top Story: Rezoning of Telopea guided by local character

Telopea is on track to become a more vibrant community, with better transport connections, more open space, and greater choice of housing, with rezoning for the area announced today by the Minister for Planning and Housing, Anthony Roberts. “Rezoning will bring to life the master plan for Telopea, developed by the NSW Government with valuable […]


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