Town Planning Course for Developers and Investors

The Fundamental Town Planning Course for Property Developers and Investors


Learning about Town Planning basics in Sydney is an essential skill to identify the true profit potential of a development or investment site. If you’re a Property Developer or an Investor looking to see Return on Investment (ROI), this is the course for you.

This comprehensive program is designed for people who don’t have a background in town planning and are keen to gain an understanding on how to apply it to property development and investment to be successful.

You can learn completely at your own pace.


Town Planning Course For Property Developers and Investors
Price $5,800 



What you will learn

We will cover all the essential components of town planning that you need to master to successfully and execute a profitable development project, including:

  1. Urban planning in Sydney
  2. Strategic Planning
  3. District Plans
  4. Strategic Centres
  5. The Process of Identifying and Assessing a Site
  6. Calculating Yield and Feasibility Study
  7. Conducting Due Diligence
  8. Undertaking Development Applications
  9. Project Management and Consultants
  10. Obtaining Construction Certificate
  11. .Contributions and other considerations
  12. The Rezoning Process


In this course we focus on the town planning system in Sydney and NSW. Developed and presented by a professionally experienced town planner from Sydney, and updated regularly, this course is made up of videos, live webinars and a practical workshop where you learn the way you prefer, at your own pace, and meet similar aspiring developers, investors and industry professionals to network with like-minded people.


What are the benefits for you?

After completing this course, you will be able to:

  • Select the best development site
  • Be more in control during the site selection process
  • Have a better understanding of the complex and legalistic NSW Town Planning system
  • Avoid delays in obtaining development approval
  • Ensure you are getting the most profitable use of your chosen site
  • Reduce external town planning fees by being able to do some of the initial research and analysis yourself while searching for a site
  • Understand the NSW regulations you must comply with 


Our training courses are very intuitive and practical, by combining academic knowledge with real-world experience to give you a thorough understanding of all the important aspects relevant to property development, including planning, approvals and the rezoning process.


Discounted price on CoreLogic software package  (RP data, Block Brief, Cordell) 

As a part of the training course package, you will be able to subscribe to Corelogic software at a significantly discounted price. These tools will empower you as a property developer and investor to research and analyse sites, town planning information, and construction data and information. Regular training sessions on our platform are provided to ensure your speedy mastery of these tools.

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Mastering the property industry requires one to be constantly informed of any major trends or industry changes in the marketplace, however this can be extremely costly and time-consuming. It requires you to subscribe to countless types of magazines, newspapers, and books etc. and participate in events organized by different industry associations and institutions.

Every month, our team analyses many industry publications and reports to produce our own premium, distilled content.

Our content covers 15 important aspects of property development including;

  • Town planning,
  • Architecture & design,
  • Commercial markets
  • Residential markets 
  • Construction and development finance



Don’t miss this opportunity to expand your expertise and enhance your success.

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