About Us

Abundance is different


Abundance Property Group is specialized in facilitating the aspiring property developers and investors both locally and from overseas to initiate, complete and invest in development projects successfully and profitably in Sydney Australia.


  • Abundance Property Group is founded on integrity, value, excellence and responsibility. We select the right customers and partners to work with and build long-term relationships with them to ensure success for all parties involved.
  • We treat our clients’ training, projects, ventures, and investments as our own since we understand the financial risks that our clients take and the trust they instill in us. We focus on building long-term relationships with our customers by providing superior customer service and ensuring that all services are provided to exceptional standards.
  • We have access to extensive local resources,  relationships, skills, expertise and opportunities and can increase our clients’ chance of success significantly in the property development and investment world here in Australia.


The services we provide are:


We deliver regular property development training from basic to advanced in English and Chinese (Mandarin). The full property development process will be introduced to interested clients to gain both an overview and detailed understanding of the process.


We provide one-stop consultancy and project coordination and management service to our clients from project inception to completion and adopt a result-driven approach to ensure the successful delivery of their projects.



We focus on building a winning deal-making platform and offer and facilitate opportunities on development sites, industrial and commercial properties, joint ventures and investment projects to facilitate win-win situations for local and overseas vendors, developers, buyers, JV partners and investors.


We have a prestige property development and investment club and  provide our members with consolidated and quality information and analysis of the property development and investment markets in Sydney Australia. Our monthly newsletters present important and regular news, updates and knowledge on property development and investment to ensure our members are well informed and educated.